Meet Ted Coopman

10 09 2010

Ted M. Coopman (Ph.D. University of Washington, 2008) is a lecturer in the Department of Communication Studies and the Department of Television-Radio- Film-Theater at SJSU.

Recently RTVF Info asked Ted to talk briefly about his professional projects and interests.

RTVF Info: What’s your current research about?

Ted Coopman: I’m currently working on a Small Group Communication textbook (McGraw Hill), preparing to send out a proposal for a monograph  on my case study of Indymedia, and I’m starting to collect data on the Tea Party Movement. I am preparing a paper, ” Persistence in Resistance: Consistency, Churn, and Defining Success in the Global Independent Media Center Network,” to present at the Association of Internet Researchers conference in Gothenburg, Sweden in October 2010. I am also participating in a panel discussion on Learning Management Systems and Higher Education.

RTVF: How did you first become interested in this topic?

TC: By studying and participating in the Micro Radio Movement (an effort to legalize/deregulate non-commercial Low Power FM) in the 1990s. I am interested in the Tea Party’s use of the internet and how it compares to left wing social movements.

RTVF: How does it relate to previous research you’ve done?

TC: It’s pretty with my earlier research on activist’s use of media/new media and its impact on them.

This semester Ted is teaching RTVF 180: Critical Theory and Research in RTVF.

Ted says when he’s not tied to his computer or teaching, he enjoys hiking and going to the beach with his wife Stephanie and. of course, their dog River.




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